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Shipping FAQS

Q: What Shipping methods do you provide A: We ship with our local courier service Thailand post. Those residing in the US can choose the option to use Fedex or UPS with a higher price tag. For those who wants a Express Service to their country please contact us.

Q: How Long does it take to receive my Order? A: It depends on the option you pick, usually give or take 14-21 days, but in rare occasions delays do happen. We apologize if it happens but we can't do anything because it is in the couriers hands.

Q: How long does it take my handmade wall banners (display) or handmade items to be completed A: Please give us 2 weeks or more depending on our working schedule, we will update you once your handmade product has been completed. Thankyou for your patience.

Q: Do you accept returns and exchange A: No we do not accept returns and exchange, once the banners have been dispatched.

Q: What happens if I have purchased a product, but want to change it to a different product? A: Please contact us for further support.


Q: What payment providers do you use A: Currently we only use paypal to accept payments for International Customers, but for those residing in Thailand, and Singapore if you want other payment options please do contact us.

Q: What currency do you use on your store. A: Our store currency is based in USD


Q: Can my flags be washed? A: We do not recommend your silk flags to be washed in a machine, but a quick rinse under cold water should be alright. As for Gold border flags please do not wash it at all.

Q: Where is your flag store located at?

A: We are blessed to be based in the beautiful country of ChiangMai Thailand

Q: How should I store my flags?

A: We recommend to store it away from direct sunlight and make sure it is kept away from any heat sources.

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